Quick and Enjoyable Breakfasts


Breakfast is a very important meal. It can help to set off heart burn in older people by starting the flow of stomach acid and kick starting the digestion process. That is why simple and easy breakfast ideas are in high demand.

For those that need a quick start, cereal is an excellent choice. Having that bowl of cereal with milk will give a bit of two important food groups- grains and dairy. Also, cereal comes in so many different varieties that very few people get bored.

To have a more creative breakfast, try the local bakery’s selection of breakfast muffins. Breakfast muffins are usually the ones with lots of fiber and bran. A person can have a white flour muffin on occasion, but this is not the healthiest start to the day.

If all else fails, fruit and toast are there for a person. People might enjoy adding bananas and peanut butter to toast or having butter and tomatoes on a toast bread.